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I have now retired and have passed on the ukulele torch to my daughter Jennifer.  She too is an elementary music teacher who uses this program with her students. If you have any questions, please feel free to call her.   She'd love to hear from you.

If you would like us to make a presentation in your area, contact Jennifer and maybe we can work something out.

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Developed by Denise Blaney    

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I taught music on rotary at the elementary level for over 27 years in southern Ontario, Canada and I loved it.  I am retired now, but when I was teaching I was very passionate about my job, especially the ukulele.

I can still remember the first time I tried to teach ukuleles to Grade 7 students and let's just say it wasn't a picnic.  I saw my students only once a week for 45 minutes and if a child missed a class it made it very difficult to learn and remember.

Using traditional ukulele books, I noticed that after 8 weeks, many of the students still didn't know their three basic ukulele chords. I knew there was a better way to teach the ukulele and I set out to find it. 

Over the years I took note of where my my students were struggling in music class and with that knowledge I created the FUN Ukulele for Beginners program.  Originally it was written for the private music lesson industry.

I used the FUN Ukulele for Beginners program in my private music studio for 3 years with over 75 students each year ages 3-15.  Then I opened up a music store in town and trained 6 teachers to teach the program to over 800 students over 5 years.

The, one year, I realized that music teachers in the school system were struggling with teaching ukuleles on rotary so I created this program.  They needed an easy to teach unit that lasted only one term.  Many of my teacher friends had no knowledge of how to play or teach the ukulele but the desire was there.

And so, I did it.  I created a FUN ukulele program for the elementary school system.  It is a complete video program that teaches both you and your students everything you needed to know to proficiently play your first three chords on the ukulele.

The best review I have had was from a grade 6 homeroom teacher who knows nothing about music and was observing the music teacher teach the program and her comment to me was "I could teach this program.  You've got to sell this!" And so here it is..... I hope you love it as much as I do.


Denise Blaney