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(From a email sent to me)

Hey Denise, I had my first lesson with your program yesterday and I wanted to share my excitement.  I tried sharing my enthusiasm in the staff room yesterday and came across as being the total band geek that I am.  I have been teaching ukulele to grade 4 students for 4 years now and am so happy to add this program.  Your teaching style is very similar to mine and everything in your movies are the same as what I would teach so it was like we were team teaching.   I have never had the freedom to walk around the room and correct technique or give a quick tune where needed because I have always had to be teaching the lesson.  I could have heard a pin drop during the movies.  I had never seen the kids so engaged.  I intend on showing your program to my colleagues at our next uke jam session.  Cheers, Adrienne (Ontario)

(From a Facebook post on the Music Teacher's Group)

Just giving a huge shout-out to Denise Blaney and her fabulous ukulele resource.
My students LOVE IT. I have color-coded our new ukes with red, green and blue dots. So far, the kids are finding it VERY EASY and this is awesome smile emoticon So far, I've only had grades 3,4,5 play the ukes, but the younger kids are begging to play, as well, so I may have grade 2 play them, as well. (I should note that this is my 3rd year doing a uke unit with grade 5, but this is the first time I have introduced it to the younger kids. It's also the first time I've used this program, and it's by far the best I've used!)   K.T.


It explains the program to you.

No MUSICAL Experience Necessary!

Teach Ukuleles to your class today!

Got a class set of ukuleles but don't know how to teach the ukulele?.  After 15 years of teaching ukuleles, I have decided to share my knowledge and help you have fun while every student in your class learns to play 3 chord ukulele songs with success. 


This program includes 21 videos, 5-10 minutes long.  Each lesson builds on the skills taught in the previous lesson.  These videos teach you and your students proper finger positions, how to read a fret board, how to read with the FUN Music system and eventually how to read traditional music.  The unit finishes off with a fun playalong playdate with a primary grade.